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Chess on an Infinite Plane (ulfhednar1234 - friedmelon)

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    This thread is for a game of "Chess on an Infinite Plane" between ulfhednar1234 and friedmelon.


    The Pieces:
    Black and White each have the following pieces (quantity and name)
    1 king
    1 queen
    2 chancellors
    2 rooks
    2 bishops
    2 knights
    2 guards
    2 hawks
    24 pawns

    All pieces move as in classical chess, with the "extra" three pieces moving as follows:

    Chancellor (C) - Moves and captures as rook + knight.


    Hawk (H) - Leaps exactly 2 or 3 squares in any orthogonal or diagonal direction. The leaping move means it can jump over other pieces.


    Guard (G) - Moves and captures the same as a king but is not affected by check.


    Pawns play the same and promote at the same rank as in classical chess. White pawns promote at rank 8, and black pawns promote at rank 1. Pawns can promote to chancellor, hawk, or guard in addition to queen, rook, bishop, or knight. Pawns may capture and be captured en passant with the same rules as in classical chess.

    Board Setup:
    red bracket indicates the a1 (1,1) square.

    There is no castling.

    There is no fifty-move rule. Draws can only occur from stalemate, threefold repetition, agreement, or a proven case of insufficient material to force checkmate.

    All other rules are the same as in classical chess.

    Move Notation:
    Numeric coordinates are used to identify piece locations as (file#, rank#). The "a1" square is (1,1) and is marked on the chess diagram with a small red bracket. Increasing files are to the right, and increasing ranks are toward the back.
    Parenthesis are used around each coordinate. Three examples of a move notation:
    1) A rook moving from (8,4) to (1,4):
         R(8,4)-(1,4) or R(1,4)
    2) A rook moving from (1,4) and capturing a piece on (0,4):
         R(1,4)x(0,4) or Rx(0,4)
    3) A pawn advancing from (-1,7) to (-1,6):
    (-1,7)-(-1,6) or (-1,6)


    Ulfhednar1234 plays White. Good luck to friedmelon and ulfhednar1234!happy.png

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    Good luck!!

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    Hi dariuscmk, it's great to see someone from Singapore watching this game.

    I believe Gyrados and ZacharyChiaMin are also from Singapore. ZacharyChiaMin left a message on another thread looking to play a game of bulldog. Let me know if you'd like to play against him.happy.png

    Back to this game:



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    I think some people just lol when they see the big board.


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    Diagram update:



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    Once I make the original setup, it's not difficult at all to show updates. I just do it with MS paint, to "cut" and "paste" pieces into their new positions. Sometime (like for a knight) I need to paste from another template, because it changes the color of its square. But it's easy.

    In infinite chess, there's the possibility that the diagram has to be enlarged in one direction. That is still a cut and paste, and takes a little more time, but it's not hard.

    I don't mind doing it, especially when it's for competitive games. It's fun to watch the games.happy.png

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    Can we start a game, vickalan?

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    Where do you promote the pawns?

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    Can ALL pawns move forwards 2 spaces on their first move?

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    can I post?

    N 6,6

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    The game might look something like that      ^



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    how about this?


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    SuperSam1 wrote:

    Can we start a game?...

    Where do you promote the pawns?


    Meet me (here) to decide what game we should play.happy.png

    In this game white pawns promote at rank 8, and black pawns promote at rank 1 (using same rules as normal chess). And all pawns are allowed to make an initial double-step.


    To all: People should not post game diagrams on this thread because it might help either White or Black. gold.pngThey should be able to play without getting tips from spectators.

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    dariuscmk, why are you posting theoretical games on this thread? It is interesting because it's a "conversion" from the real game (in progress) to an 8x8 board. But it might help the players.

    Let me know (here) if you'd like to play our own game.happy.png


    Diagram update for this game:

    1.(5,4) (5,5)
    2.N(6,3) N(6,6)


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    (later I'll just move a random piece(rook, queen, chancellor, etc) to the jager units.)

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