Chess960 Explained!

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    kobiwright09 wrote:

    There are many, many more ways to mate the black king. I don't see why you're stuck with one move.

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    How can I play chess960 on Android app of Plz help I have been searching but no progress yet.

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    i read that han solo dies in episode 7 of the new star wars movie


    who is chewbacca going to play chess with on the millenium falcon?


    the whole star wars plot is here if you don't believe me

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    I am not finding chess960 option in my home page or anywhere else?

    Where do i get chess960 option?

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    Is chess960 only for premium players?

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    Just get deep into the Online Chess menus until you find this:

    Select Game Options

    Standard ChessChess960    Days Per Turn: 123571014    I Play As RandomI Play As WhiteI Play As Black   Rated: YesNoTakeback
     Show more options

    The little upside down triangle shows a drop down menu. 

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    HOw to castle in chess960?

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    Thank u baddogno

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    Chess 960 may be very useful for developing tactical skills. Currently I enjoy it even more than a classical set-up. It makes you think literally from move 1.

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    I optimized hexagonal chess for future Fischer Chess. Also I have board for cylindric optimization.

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    erik wrote:

    What is Chess960?

    Chess960 (also called FischerRandom) is just like regular chess... except that the starting position is shuffled to include 960 different possible positions! So you can throw out your opening book...

    ...and replace your five-volume set of ECO with a 4,800-volume set!

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    My King and Rook are next to each other on the kingside, f1 and g1, not moved them yet, can I castle them or not? It won't let me put the move in by clicking on king then rook, 

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    Never mind, I just realised I am black, so that is my queenside not my kingside!, so my queen is blocking castling at the moment,

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    thx for the info!

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