Classical chess... advanced (Monteagudo chess?)


This is a project I have had in mind for some time. I had the idea of adding new pieces to classic chess, but not directly accessible as well as adding more complexity and additional rules to the game.


The current name of this chess variant in development is "Advanced Chess" or "chess advanced", although could be renamed "Monteagudo Chess" (my last name) in function to its development.


To create this variant of chess, still in the test phase,
I have based in omega chess advanced, since this one has very well designed rules that could fit in the standard chess;
And I have changed some current ones in order to make the game more interesting or different from the classic one.


On the other hand, I have made use of some fairy chess pieces of other variants: the amazon, the fool and the orphan; Although with the names changed (hero, fool and avenger).



Chess advanced: board and new pieces:

This game is played in a classical board with the classical pieces.


Only three new pieces (one hero, fool and avenger) are added to the game, however, these will stay out of board until there is some special event.

For example, fool and avenger only can be added to the board, to the first row, next of specific events explained in the rules;

while hero is only obtained by pawn promotion.


Image of game:

New pieces icons:

- Avenger (helmet icon).

- Fool (jester's cap icon).

- Hero (laurel crown icon).

The extra slots are purely aesthetic and aren't needed for the real game.


Special thanks to Vickalan for let me use its board style.



Movement of the new added pieces:

- Hero: it moves like a queen or like a knight.

- Fool: it will have the same movement range as the previous piece moved by the opponent.

For example, if the opponent was moved its queen, you can move the fool like the queen.

- Avenger: it will have the same movement range as the opponent piece that is attacking this. 

For example, if you have your avenger in the attack range of an opponent rook, you can move your avenger like a rook.




Due that rules are a big block, I will take in basis classical chess rules, and I will to explain the rules of the chess advanced in relation to the previous.


Changed rules:


Castling: the castling stay being considered an illegal movement if the final position of king is in a place in attack, however, others rules about castling changes.

- Castling is possible even if rooks and king are changed of positions: provided they are aligned ortogonally and there isn't obstacles. This new rule do to the rook more powerful and defensive in case of check, and also, gives more homogeneity to the game.

- Castling is possible even if king pass through attacked place: as long as the final position of king isn't in a attacked place, due to obvious reasons.


Promotion: changes in pawn promotion.

- Hero promotion: now a pawn can promote to a new special piece: the "hero".

There is only one hero by player in the game, that means, you can promote a pawn to a hero only one time in all the match (even if next the hero dies, this can't be used again). 

- Pawn can't promote to queen: this rule is created taking in importance that in the most of cases players will promote to queen (since this is the most powerful piece of the game, after hero). For reasons of game balance and also for avoid having several queens of the same colour (that is anti-aesthetical or conceptually unbalanced), pawn can't promote to queen in this chess variant.



New rules:


Protection: in analogy to the omega chess advanced, now it is possible to "castle" a rook and a queen.

Previous extensions of castling rule also are applied to queen, ie, you can realize the protection movement even if queen and rook aren't in initial positions, as long as these are ortogonally aligned and not hampered.


About avenger and joker: entry of these in the board.

Avenger and joker are "reserved pieces", these are the situations where you can put these in the game:

- Free input: you can put an avenger or a joker in any moment of the game, as long as there is an empty square in your first row. However, you can put only one of the two. For be able to put the second reserved piece, there must be the next special event.

- Special event, first check: if you receive a check, next you will be able to put in the board the remaining reserved piece of the two (avenger or joker).


About avenger and joker:  piece attributes.

- Royality, protection and castling: joker and avenger doesn't imitate the special attributes of pieces, these only imitates the attack or movement. This mean that, for example, if the opponent moves a king, your fool will not be royal.
Another example, with the avenger: if the opponent put a rook in attack position to your avenger, your avenger will stay being unable to "castle" with a king or "protect" with a queen.

The only exception is the capture in passant, you can do a capture in passant with your fool, if the opponent was moved a pawn in the previous movement, and having the pieces in the correct positions and conditions for effectuate the capture in passant.

- About fool-fool and fool-avenger situations: you can move a fool next that the opponent moved its fool, simply, your fool will move like the piece that the opponent fool had imitated.

If the opponent moved its avenger, you can move your fool like the piece that the opponent avenger had imitated.



Thanks for read.


Hi Monteagudo 

Thanks for this interesting post. A lot of interesting and new ideas.

Omega Chess is a very interesting Variant and getting inspired from this variant to adapt your game to classic chess is a very good idea.


Keep going and hope the other readers of this forum take the time to read what you posted.

Try to make your variant available online (for example you can inspire yourself with the work i already done in my website).


Hi Angel3D,
Now you are working on a 3rd variant game? I like to read about all new variants but you are making them faster than I can read them!
Remember that it might take 2 months or more to play one game by correspondence. So if you make too many games, you will have games to play for a few years!
I will be busy during April. But after a few weeks, when you finish one, I will like to try to play it. Keep up the good work!happy.png