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Grasshopper Chess (game: cobra91 - vickalan)

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    cobra91 wrote:

    42. Ke5


    Thanks McGoohan. I'm glad you are watching over everyone, and looking at the games too.happy.png



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    McGoohan wrote:
    cobra91 wrote:

    42. Ke5

    @vickalan --- Cobra is back

    Yes, back from the dead... but no less dead here! Frown

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    White resigns

    Resignation is obviously due to the mate in 3 which follows after: 

    43. Kf6 Rd6+  44. Kf7 Re7+  45. Kf8 Rdd7#

    My only comment on the game:

    I find it remarkable that vickalan could stroll into this with no experience, happily take the Black pieces, gambit 4 pawns in the opening, deliberately force an immediate trade of queens, and then still proceed to squash me like a bug, giving a neat-and-tidy mate well before move 50. I have a decent amount of experience playing Grasshopper Chess, but that's clearly no substitute for being naturally gifted. The Black side of this game was played at master level (for instance, check out the jaw-dropping harmony and coordination of Black's pieces in the endgame!), not typical "variant-player" level, and I still don't quite know what hit me! Surprised

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    Hi cobra91,
    Welcome back to the forums. That's funny you were accidentally blocked. I started trying harder in this game after you defeated me in our other game. I like the grasshoppers. Somewhere I read they're worth about 2 pawns each. Since there's 8 of them, this game starts with the complexity of Seirawan Chess, where a bishop+knight compound AND a rook+knight compound are added in the same tiny 8x8 gameboard early in the game.
    I enjoyed the game. We'll have to play again sometime, but I'll need to wait for a few weeks due to some other things going on.
    And welcome back to these forums!happy.png

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