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Infinite chess - May 2017 Game

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    HaleBopp, can we agree to a 3-day move limit for this game? Friedmelon is waiting to see who he plays for the semi-final game.meh.png

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    @HaleBopp - it's been 21 days for you to move. If no move within a day I'm calling this a no-show.meh.png

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    Ok, This game is a no-show by HaleBopp.meh.png

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    Hello, shame this got timed out, I was enjoying this thread and was hoping to see some tactical action. Are there any completed games? And did you fill those other slots?

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    There's a few finished games both with me and other players, such as (cobra91 vs vickalan) where he defeated me. If you'd like to play leave a comment (here). There's been a few comments by other possible players in other threads. If someone else will play I'll be happy to moderate the game.

    (also check out Martin0's thread for (4-player-bulldog). It's not nearly the same as infinite chess, but could be fun if we can get four players total).happy.png

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    Thank you vickalan, I just had a look at that game, very interesting and I'm glad it (almost) went to mate.  That manoeuvre with the chancellor to deliver mate, I missed it and it's a beautiful delivery.  I understand this is your creation? Well done, it's an excellent concept. Also well done to cobra for playing a solid game, I didn't see any inaccuracies on his part (not that I'd know).

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    Dang! I️ was hoping HaleBopp would show

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