No computer analysis for chess960?


No computer analysis for chess960? Or have I missed it?


ahh thats why my game isnt showing an option to submit it for computer analysis! it was a 960 game


You'll have to download a free program with a free engine and have that analyze your games on your own computer. (for free)


The point of my post was to let know this feature is missing, so they consider implementing it.


usta,  I completely agree.  I don't see why they can't just have the program they already use work on 960 games.  Of course the database would be useless, but the analysis program must be able to analyze positions that are not in any database.


Yes Richard, the database would indeed be useless so we won't see (Book Move) comments, which might make positions difficult to analyze during the first few moves. But in any case something is better here than nothing as we are sure to see quality comments as the game progresses. And while we try this feature we will give feedback on the comments for first moves, and hopefully they will get improved over time.


Computer analysis of 960 games would be greatly appreciated,!


better as it is now, chess960 is the last hideaway from cheaters


@N_Parma what does computer analysis of finished games have to do with cheating?