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Random Positions

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    ker123 wrote:



    this made me smile

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    Noobiest wrote: LOL, Freud would have been very proud of that question...

    Freud would have been proud of lots of things I do.

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    (It's dashkee and flyingcow's fault I said this; they opened pandora's box.)


    Hey, oinquarki, you look at those positions; it wasn't just me. Laughing  And I don't even know pandora, and, BTW, how would you know I did what to who's who?  Wink

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    There is just nothing I can say that Kohai would not jump on like a velociraptor of censorship.

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    Vellllocirrrrrrr what? Time to consult the all knowing google.
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      How should you win?
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    As we seem to be leaving the realm of Chess960 here, I might as well throw in my favorite positions:

    I like this position because it taunts conventional knowledge about piece values in Chess; it is an easy win for white, which most people would not guess, thinking Q=9 and N=3.







    The other position is known as Lord Dunsahy's game; as white has no King, black wins here by stalemating white (for instance by taking all white pawns).

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    Hey! that was my position

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    pawn stars
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    black is trapped...

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    Tower Defence

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    White to play and win, against an overwhelming majority:

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    HGMuller wrote:

    White to play and win, against an overwhelming majority:



    It is an easy win for white; it is also impossible for black to checkmate.

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    ker123 wrote:


    This post makes me want to laugh and cry.

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