Thoughts on Makruk? ( thai chess or cambodian chess)


Have any of you guys played the variant known as makruk?

what are your thoughts on it?

What do you feel is the most natural opening moves?

Are you ok with slower feel of the game?

Do you think its boring?

Do you think this game will ever become popular with the mainstream?

Do you think that the lack of opening threats makes for a boring intro? (not a single first move you make is inherently stupid or brash)



lastly why is the 960 forum so sh-t? its so boring! nothing happens except games! no discussion on variants or why we think they are good or bad.. this is really sad!


Makruk is a nice Chess variant, but it seems slower and less exciting than orthodox Chess. (A lot better than the ancient Shatranj, however.) In addition, it seems rather drawish. The very peculiar counting rules only seem to serve to make it even more drawish, by putting a move limit on otherwise easily won end-games.

I don't think it will ever become popular outside of Thailand. It doesn't seem to have anything that orthodox Chess already doesn't have better.


I have recently tried it and it's a lot of fun. According to Krammnik, Makruk is more strategical than western chess. The only downside to it in my opinion is that there is no english literature on this topic. 


i think its a lot more draw prone now that i think more about it.  i dont think its more strategic, but rather more tactical


No, the exact opposite is the case. It is was more strategical and less tactical. What i really like about it is that enigines are not even close to beating top human players. I had the luck to meet a professional markuk player, who is the current champion of cambodia and he showed me the real beauty of this game. But as a foreigner you will probably never reach a decent level


wow how kind


you have to Try play it  in play ok com makruk,  for me is easier than international chess.The opening is not very important is a difference with chess,  but is neccesary . There are some machine based stockfish,  bilis, nebiyu , newengine , programs , who beating top humans makruk .,


im not going to explain makruk, its a google search away, im not going to waste my breath.