Today is a good day to play Economy Chess!


Because today I am off! Who wants to play a game of Economy Chess against me?

Before we start you'll have to know and do a couple things:

1st thing: send me a message saying you want to play (or post in this thread)
2nd: read the rules 
3rd: download the game from 

I will guide anyone new to the game through the proces of setting things up for a game. We will be using the chat of the Economy Chess group to send eachother the moves.

Please note that a game can last up to an hour. There is no clock, so we'll just have to agree on a time. I'd say: take your time when you need to think good about a move, but don't make it 10 mins/move :)

Download the game here:


***** Rules index *****

1. Quick introduction
2. What's different?
3. Owning a square
4. Conquering a square
5. Gaining income
6. Buying new pieces 
7. Settings 

1. Quick introduction

Welcome to Economy Chess, a chessvariant in which you conquer the squares of the board. These squares generate income (coins) which can be used to place new pieces on the player's backrank. Spend -or save- your money wisely and try to check-mate your opponent!

2. What's different?

Economy Chess is alot like normal chess, pieces move the same and the objective is the same (checkmate the king). The difference is the economy: each square = 1 coin income per turn. Use the coins to purchase pieces, and place them in your productionarea.

3. Owning a square

A player owns a square when:

- he has a piece standing on it
- he 
was the last player who had a piece on it

A square is neutral when no player ever stood on it. 

4. Conquering a square

A player can conquer a neutral or enemy controlled square by:
- Moving a piece onto a vacant square
- Capturing an enemy piece

A piece only conquers the square that it ends on.

5. Gaining income

By moving your pieces around you will conquer more and more squares. At the end of your turn, each owned square will harvest you 1 coin income.

However, each piece also costs 1 coin upkeep per turn. therefore you calculate your income by deducting the upkeep from the harvest:

#of squares owned - #of pieces owned = income
At the end of the player's turn the Income is added to your Savings. After several turns players have saved enough coins to buy new pieces.


6. Buying new pieces

When you got enough coins you can buy one or more new pieces. The sum for the piece(s) is deducted from your savings. Players are not allowed to buy when they are under check. Also if you buy pieces, you may not move that turn. You do get income like every other turn.
Default prices (coins):
Pawn: 25 
Knight: 75
Bisshop: 78
Rook: 125
Queen: 225 

Some restrictions apply to the placement of new piece(s):
- white player can only place pieces on rank 1 and pawns on rank 2
- black player can only place pieces on rank 8 and pawns on rank 7
- a square must be empty
- the square may not be enemy controlled

7. Settings

Various parts of the game and mechanics can be controlled using different settings. You can choose the price of each piece for instance. Read more about settings here:  


i dont understand anything how economy chess is played from the forum !!!


Happy to explain :)What part of the rules is not clear to you?

This is the turn of a player in Economy Chess:

1) Choose if you want to move or buy a piece(s).
-1a) Move a piece if you move
-1b) Buy pieces if you want to buy.
---1b) pay for the pieces
---1b) place them in your productionarea
2) Calculate income (#squares you own - # of pieces = income)
3) Add income to your savings
-end turn 

You own more and more squares by moving your pieces. The more squares you got, the more money you get. Save the money each turn untill you got enough to buy the pieces you want. When the time is right you pay for them, place them in your productionarea (bankrank and pawnrank).

Video explaining the rules and the software:


I may have to try this later. Are there many people playing this?


A couple more are, join this group and feel free to ask for a game!


Ok, I'm in! I won't be able to play until tonight at the earliest, though.


Im online in the next 3-4 hrs and available to anyone. Send a message.


Tonight I will be on from 21:00 GMT+1 untill late.

If you feel like playing a game, send me a message or post here!


Im here in the next couple hours. Whoever wants a game, send me a message :) A game will take approx an hour.