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    Bulldog news update:

    @vickalan is in a challenge game against @Martin0, attemping to win the crown.

    @Togepi2468 is a no-show in game against @vickalan. vickalan gets the win.

    @evert823 has a win over @bowlinggreen (this was in March, but I missed it in my earlier posts)

    @Martin0 wins over @evert823 in a game of crippled amazons, joker, and guard.

    @Derrickzhou wins over @huanglz. huanglz was a no-show at move 6.

    Other games in progress:
    @JohnHS and @vickalan are currently in a game (at move 31).

    @Derrickzhou and @Donkey256 are currently in a game (at move 11).

    A game has been setup between @FortunaMajor and @GallifreyanKing, but @FortunaMajor has not shown up yet for the game!


    Martin0 has updated player elo scores, a link to the external website is (here) and a copy of the chart is below:

    btw, I'll be doing some traveling for Thanksgiving, and might play a little slower than normal over the next few days.

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    Am I allowed to challenge Martin as well?

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    Yes, after you lost the crown to @Martin0, you played against @huanglz and won that game. That improved your score so makes you qualified to challenge Martin0 for the crown. The rules are buried in another thread but I'll post them here again:

    Players can challenge the champion with the following conditions:

    a) They must have at least one "level 2" win. This means they have won at least one game against an opponent who also has a win.

    b) If a player previously played the champion but lost, he can challenge the champion only if his score has improved since his game against the champion.

    c) If there are multiple qualifying contenders, the player with the highest score can challenge the champion. If this player is idle (not in a game) and does not challenge the champion within 7 days, then the qualifying contender with the next highest score can challenge the champion.

    d) A tie in score is broken first by judging the scores of player's opponent, and then by the number of games won as Black.

    A champion normally plays White (unless he requests Black), and can choose the game to be played (any of the four Bulldog games). A champion that does not accept a challenge and begins play within two-weeks forfeits the crown.
    Also note that the bulldog champion is allowed a "two-week rest" between championship games, and is allowed to finish any active games before starting a championship-level game.

    So watch the forums - you'll probably be able to play for the crown again soon.happy.png

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    You called for me, OP?  


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