Anyone want me to join a club?


my club have a fm



can you join:


Terrific club if you ask me 



PLZ JOIN!! We have 3 GM's, 2 IM's, 4 FM's, 2 WFM's, 3 CM's and 830+ members!! We are waiting you!


We hate 2Ke21-0 

description: Have you ever heard of @2Ke21-0 (AKA Advaith Vijayakumar)? No, duh you have. He's literally the worst member on, comparable to the likes of trolls such as Cheater_1, 2Q1C, and YGNR. Okay, never mind, that's an insult to the aforementioned three trolls. Anyways, 2Ke21-0 is an immature child who has only one goal: attention, and we'll give him that in the form of hatred. Join the club "We Hate 2Ke21-0" if you rightfully hate 2Ke21-0. We are believers in freedom of speech, meaning you can insult Advaith in any way you wish: poems, stories, cipher, foreign languages, etc. He put this on himself when he decided to be the perpetrator of tragic events on such as the closure of @scaryninja's account, preparing a spam attack against The Forum Elite, and causing disarray in the forums with his "His Pawn Cheated and Killed my Pawn!" troll thread. You could become part of the current goal to reach one million members by the end of the year! That's how many haters 2Ke21-0 has.

N00BM4STER for playing vote chess and discussing the vote chess moves. We have lots of different time controls to suit each person's needs and the discussion involves players ranging from 1000-2000 rating.