Looking For One Active Club To Help in Chess Matches


Okay, so I realize that a lot of clubs have a lot higher rated people than me, but that doesn't mean I can't help against people my own rating. I haven't checked in awhile, but the club Chess School used to have <1099 matches all the time so if you don't have a clue if they exist then they do.

I would like to join one club, an active one that sets up chess matches weekly, and help out by joining every match that it will let me join and me not be in the way or have a rating too low (I'd say too high but that's never going to happen).

I don't care how many members are your club; I care if it is an active club or not. So, please, comment a link to a or your club so I can join and help out. Thank you.


wait, snowy? if this doesnt make sense ignore it






I was on here for 1.5 years and dubious about joining any team.

The admins for this small Scottish one, and this 'gator f*cking one seem quite kind, and gent/lady members have good sense of humor.