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Aborting too many live games

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    landwehr: Turns out I was too tired, I see what you mean now.

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    I don't understand why comments have bothered you to play. It might be good to read those comments. But wouldn't it be a waste of time?

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    Just wait for 15 seconds and let the server abort it. No, trust me. You wouldn't mind if a staller types that in your notes. Would be like 'Look who's talking!'

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    because I only want to play people who play fairly, IN MY OPINION. :)

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    Let's make it happen!

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    sisu wrote:

    For a start, many idiots that abort just to spite people before a move is even made. 

    What do you mean by that?

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    And yes, the abort button does come in handy when the server gives you two games. Happens every once per live sitting for me, usually.

    I'm not sure, I've never just "clicked the wrong one". I do both put out seeks and click the dots.

    I'd definitely consider myself a real chess player (many on the board tournaments now, play for a club, in a league etc etc) and I most certainly do care about my rating, it tells me what my current form is like, in my opinion anyway. Although I always try and find an opponent above my rating.

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    I would never consider hitting abort unless maybe an emergency has happened.  Let him do something stupid, I win anyway.  Go ahead and use a computer, you're gonna eventually get caught.  It not like my USCF rating will change.

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    Let's make it happen!

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    Okay, Sharrocks, if you insist

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    chessman_calum, I am in complete agreement!  Funny, I just wrote a blog on this very topic!

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    Cheers :)

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    I recently aborted several blitz games because there was no sound indicating my opponent had made a move.  Without sound it takes me longer sometimes to notice my opponents move.  I signed 'out and in' a few times but still had the problem.  I apologised to my opponents, but I did get a warning about aborting to many games.

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    I think this is fair. Well, declining or not issuing a rematch isn't against the rules.

    But you also must consider many players abuse aborting as well, preferring only to play white, etc.

    There are many such issues like this around here. And there is little to no moderation. This is why I prefer to play on ICC.

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    In my opinion they must use a lot of capchas when one wants to register here and they must do all the PROFILE lines OBLIGATORY to fill and AVATAR OBLIGATORY to add.  P.S. I CAN PLAY WITH BOTS AT MY PC EVEN WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION, I DON'T NEED CHESS.COM TO DO IT! 


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