Dear Chesscom Community -

I have some bad news: There is a very good chance that one of our beloved and long-standing Columnist will no longer be writing for our site. World renowned chess author, International Master Jeremy Silman, plans to withdraw his weekly column. We (Staff) believe he is a valuable asset, wonderfully enjoyable read, and one of the most interesting chess personalities in the world. We LOVE his stuff, and we KNOW you do too!!! 

The details of his possible " Retirement" are not important. What is? That we would miss him dearly... I am creating this thread for one simple purpose: If you love Silman's books, his personality, and most importantly, his column here on -- please make your voice heard in this forum, to try to convince him to stay! Please post in this forum OR send him a private message! I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing from a fan.

Thanks for being the best chess community on the planet!

IM David Pruess and Staff


He's what? Why? Every Monday I looked forward to Silman's mailbag. Now that'll be no more???


I hope he's not leaving because of a thread that criticized him? There are only a few people that post in that thread, and it is far from indicative of the amount of people that are quite appreciative of his overall works. I personally enjoy the writings of Mr. SillmanSmile


What?? But Silman is awesome! He can't just abandon us!


Please don't leave us Mr Silman! 


Maybe this is just a ploy to get to give him a raise?


We'll give you longer bathroom breaks and we'll toast your bread and water.


I personally believe that Silman is a creative genius... I would say he is under-appreciated for his incredible insights into the psychology of the amateur (and professional) mind, but I don't think that would be true... because he is NOT under-appreciated (not in my view anyway, and certainly not by me)!!!

His Reassess Your Chess series has obviously been ground breaking -- but I will never forget one of my first ever chess reads (and the book that helped me learn to enjoy endgames) was Essential Chess Endings, Volume 1 (the pink book Wink). Unfortunately, I didn't like the 2nd volume as much (but I think Jeremy would agree it wasn't as critical for basic endgame knowledge and approach). 

PLEASE don't go anywhere, Jeremy... this is your home and we LOVE your work.

IM Danny Rensch


Please, Mr. Silman!

Don't go anywhere! I always look forward to reading your articles when the come out. Since I have started reading your articles, my chess has improved substantially. You helped me realize how important endgames are. I knew that partially before, but you helped me to see it in a different better light.

Please don't go!


I have almost 100 Chess books in my library that I've collected for almost two decades.  Most of them sit on my book shelf looking pretty and collecting dust.  But there is one author that I always go back to. ONE author I trust whenever I need to remember key ideas.  And that is Jeremy Silman. 

He's been by far, the biggest influence on my understanding of Chess.  His How to Reassess Your Chess is the modern day My System, only far more readable. 

When Mr. Silman started writing a column for, I was really impressed.  But I was even more impressed with how witty, clear and honest his responses were.  Not everyone appreciated his style, but no one could deny the entertainment and instructive value.  When I think of Mr. Silman's columns here, I'm reminded of the great ESPN columnist Bill Simmons; the stuff is just plain brilliant.  But what makes Silman's writing transcend even Simmons, is the fact that Silman has walked the walk.  Simmons is an excellent writer who's never seriously played a competitive sport in his life.  Silman has gone to war, and taught countless others how to arm themselves with both the tools and psychological skills needed to become a confident, competent Chess player.  It would be a great loss if and its members lose him....


His avatar is scary! 


I think his articles should be advertised more -- I didn't even know of them and now I need to go and read them all  -- where can I find the articles?

I absolutely love what I have read of your books Mr Silman, you are a very very good author and I appreciate you being here! 




just go to his homepage you will find the list of his articles.


To all of you staff out there, you need to create a special trophy that we can send Mr. Silman that asks him not to go. Maybe if we all send him one of these new trophies that I am sure you will be creating, it will act kind of like a petition, and convince him to stay!


If he is really going (I hope not) who gonna take his place, Dan Heisman ? Better be good.


Excellent, thanks!

If I lose this link, is there a way to get to this with the interface?

In the meantime, I will send myself a message with this link in it :-)

Thanks again.


Just wrote to him privately to express my gratitude for the impact he has had both on the quality of my play and on my love the game. I wanted to also make a note here, just to say I agree that it's important for us all to take the time to let him know how we feel. is obviously an important resource to us all, and is made possible by the contributions of the great  players (like IM Silman) who help us all along.


I give Silman's writing .


Although I'm not a fan of his approach to chess, I think that many people benefit from it. His presense on the daily columns is definately a wortwhile one.