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Arent finding chess easy..

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    i been here playing chess for almost 3 years and am finding my self on the same place where i was in 3 year ago.having played 1000s of game and i still could not play blunder free game.what am suppose to do and other than that i always feel that playing face to face is good.Online games playing on the screen we usually miss the square and make a blundered move..

    Is it so?

    or It just happen to me only

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    There is an intensity about OTB games that simply isn't present online and that certainly affects board vision.  Remember though that everyone blunders, even grandmasters.  Someone posted a brief TV interview with Magnus Carlsen a while back as he was leaving a tournament and he said something like "Well, after f#cking up the opening, I was actually pleased to come away with a draw".  So apparently no one finds chess easy....


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