Can Diamond Membership Really Improve Your Chess?




It sure did, and I think it can help even more if you are under 1000. All of the features are a perfect combination for building a solid foundation for your understanding of chess. You will get a solid opening repertoire, a decent middle game understanding, an understanding of tactics and positional concepts, and a solid base for your endgames. If you get Diamond Membership, you won't regret it, it is extremely helpful for anyone. 


I only wish I got Diamond earlier so I would have progressed faster. 

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As someone who bought it, no. 

you may not be making the best use of your diamond membership.


@ntzt has done much more than you have.


I used to have diamond membership for about a year.


The lessons are good for those below 1200. But they are basically “lol, here is fork. Can you see knight fork in this puzzle.” Just weak videos that are almost patronizing in how easy they are and how many hints they give. The lessons are only moderately better than Chessvibes/Gotham, and I won’t repeat my opinions of them. 

Overall, I’ve found books and other sites better. As far as instructional vids, GingerGM and Hanging Pawns are worth my time. Books are more expensive than a membership, but at least I feel I’m getting something for my money.

Your arrogance and delusions are going to keep you from improving.

Wow, so edgy. The shill had to jump on my case.


1. I explained the pros and cons of a variety of resources. That’s not blind arrogance, it’s an evaluation of the learning tools given.

2. I’m not ranked much differently than you, but yeah, act all superior. Like anyone but you really cares.

3. even you don’t try to defend the learning resources this site provides, giving more evidence that they’re bunk.


maybe its worth it but do what you think is best buddy ❤️

A diamond membership is the quickest way to reach GM status ✌️😎

the AI coaches that come with diamond don't seem to interpret strategies well

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the AI coaches that come with diamond don't seem to interpret strategies well



Im pretty satisfied and I'm platinum.