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Chess discussions over Skype?

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    Hey, I'm a frequent Skype user and I was wondering if there was someone interested in talking over Skype or arranging some kind of games/learning sessions etc. etc.


    My Skype ID is samsaradharma

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    pencil370 wrote:

    I use it my self it's bad for 3 g phonr my camera only works

    It the back it's a pain I what to see them and I see them you know what I mean


    I didn't really understand what you meant with this post, haha...

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    I meant to ask earlier if you had tried to get a coach in Sweden?

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    I actually haven't - I don't know anyone personally but I'm thinking of joining a club in August.

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    That's good, the more OTB practice you get the better. Hopefully, someone at your club will be able to point you in the right direction concerning a coach.


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