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Chess History Group

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    Chess.com member, qtsii (I have no idea how to pronounce it, so I just say cutsie), has created a group concerned with Chess HistoryCurrently there are 20 members. With the amount of interest I see in the forums, blogs and articles in the various aspects of the history of our game, I find this tiny enrollment disheartening and wish to encourage anyone who enjoys the human side of chess not just to join but to participate and contribute their own unique knowledge and perspectives.  Like the game, the history also has depth as well as breadth and no one person can master it's entirely on his or her own.

    This doesn't mean anyone must be well versed in history to join. In fact, this is a perfect place for learning. . . a springboard into the past.

    To help initiate members who may want to dip their feet into history, I've  posted several articles on the origins of chess and the beginings of modern chess:

    The Nature of a Chess Historian
    The Origins of Chess
    Chess 1475-1795
    Early Modern Chess Writers and Poets
    Lucena and Damiano
    Gioacchino Greco
    Early Modern Chess Writers and Poets
    19th Century chess - an overview
    Coffeehouses and Chess Clubs of 19th Cenury England

    These and other topics are listed HERE.

    I look forward to reading someone else's writings.

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    Don't be afraid to respond (or join).  Just to show how harmless we really  are, I want to specifically invite the staff to join our little (but growing) group.
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    I may join. I know barely anything about the history, but I am interested in history in general. I could learn some interesting things.
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    "I could learn some interesting things."

    . . .or you could develop a passion.

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    Looks like an interesting group; I'll join.  Thanks, batgirl.


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    I have already joined: for passion, learn, share,group members, chess and history.

    Thanks batgirl, qtsii and all of you.

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    Thanks batgirl - no wonder dozy loves you!
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    We've grown from 20 to 35 overnight. Some folks have already started participating.  I still fret over those with something to offer and something to learn who have yet to join.   
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    I am with you history is far more important than most think and just look at what has been saved because of those of us who love history. There are entire game archives and such that continue to be a benefit to all but we also try to "shore" up these games with the story behind and around them.
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    My complete knowledge of history is based upon the Back to  the Future Trilogy. I think it's about time I addressed this.

    Also, if there is anyone that thought that they couldn't join because they don't know enough - don't fear I'll be assume the role of village idiot.

    I'm away to read up on the Flux Capacitor :)

     Joking aside - great idea for a group, I look forward to it!

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    for me it was: batgirl recommends -> autojoin. simple.
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    Thank you, qtsii, for the creation of this group and thank you batgirl for your enthusiasm with respect to this group which caught my attention. It should prove enriching to all who participate.

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    No, thank You, Sir Donald!


    We now have 46 members and several of us are delving into origins of chess among other things.

    I'm sure many, if not most, of you have favorite players from the past - or favorite tournaments, or even favorite countries that fascinate you.  History encompasses Philidor, Pillsbury, Hastings, Monte Carlo, Morphy, Brontsein, Fischer, Tal and Deschapelles, the Cafe de la Regence, St.Georges and the Chigorin Hall.

    Whatever captures your imagination, bring with you and tell us about it.

    History is living, not dead.

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    I'm in- this old dog can always learn and I enjoy reading about chess as much as I play, hmmm, hope I learn better than I play


             IrishMike Cool

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    "I enjoy reading about chess "


    Well, this is the place to read about chess - or write about what you have read.


    Welcome IrishMike

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    WGM Rusudan Goletiani has joined our merry group.

    She sets not only a wonderful example in conducting Chesse Playe, but also in choosing Chesse Groupes.

    Follow her fine example here: http://www.chess.com/groups/home/chess-history 



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