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Chess in other languages

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    Hi.  I haven't found a post about this here, but if there is one, somebody tell me where.  I love chatting with people during games, and enjoy meeting people from other countries/cultures.  I also enjoy different languages, and have a fair vocabulary in German, Italian and a smattering of Russian.

    There are plenty of online translation sites, and I can find words for most chess pieces (though the bishop is a hard one, since the online translators assume your asking about a clergyman).  But it's harder to find words like mate, check, stalemate, fork, pin, castling, gambit, sacrifice, opening, endgame, draw, etc.

    Does anybody know of a chess terminology translator, or could we build one here by everybody posting various words in their native languages (and maybe an explanation of what the word literally means)?  It would be a great way to learn a little about chess in other cultures.

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                                   Si. Que bueno.

                                     Bishop = Obispo

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    Not a bad idea.

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    If there is a need for translation it is easy to contact the chess federation of any nation and in all probability you would get reply with the needed information.

    It is probably in Google.


                              Rook = Torre
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    Well, I can give you Italian translation:

    Check = Scacco

    Mate = Matto (Checkmate = Scacco matto)

    Fork = Forchetta

    Pin = Inchiodatura

    Castling = Arrocco (to castle = arroccare)

    Gambit = Gambetto

    Sacrifice = Sacrificio

    Opening = Apertura

    Middlegame = Mediogioco

    Endgame =  Finale

    Draw = Parità


    Pawn = Pedone

    King = Re

    Queen = Regina/Donna (both are fine)

    Bishop = Alfiere

    Knight = Cavallo

    Rook = Torre

    If you need anythin else just ask Smile

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    andrew_low wrote:

    Well, I can give you Italian translation:

    Hello andrew.

    That is a great list. Maybe "mwalter" should post the whole list and then any one can translate them all into their specific language.

    How do you say"

    "promote a pawn"



    "Touch move"



    "I resign"


    "Pasa la pasta con pepperoni"

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    Thank you, Andrew_low -- or should I say "mille grazie"?


    @Denver_High -- I'd be happy to create and post a complete list, in as many languages as possible.  Hope others answer, so we can get lots of languages included.

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    I have tried to translate in Tamil [தமிழ்] with some inputs from wikipedia. 


    Chess - Sathurangam [சதுரங்கம்]

    King - Arasan [அரசன்] - meaning King

    Queen - Arasi [அரசி] - meaning Queen

    Rook - Kottai [கோட்டை] - meaning fort / castle

    Bishop - Amaichar [அமைச்சர்] - meaning Minister

    Knight - Gudhirai [குதிரை] - meaning Horse

    Pawn - Kaalaal [காலாள்] - meaning Foot Soldier

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    Hello, some chess words in russian :)

    Check = Shakh = Шах

    Mate = Mat (a - like in mark) = Мат

    Fork = Vilka = Вилка

    Castling = Rokirovka = Рокировка

    Gambit = Gambit (a - like in mark) - гамбит

    Sacrifice = Zhertva = Жертва

    Opening = Deb'ut ('u sounds like whole 'you' word) = Дебют

    Middlegame = Mittelsрpil' ( from German word Mittelspiel) = Миттлшпиль

    Endgame =  Andshpil' (a - like in man) = Эндшпиль

    Draw = Nichja (a - like in mark) = Ничья


    Pawn = Peshka = Пешка

    King = Korol' = Король

    Queen = Ferz' = Koroleva = Ферзь = Королева

    Bishop = Slon = Oficer = Слон = Офицер

    Knight = Kon' = Конь

    Rook = Ladja = Tura (u like in Ukrain) = Ладья = Тура

    "promote a pawn" = Provesti peshku(Make the pon go through the desk) = Провести пешку

    "Enpassant" = Na prohode = На проходе( = take it while moving )

    "Error" = Oshibka = Mistake

    "Touch move" (not sure i understood it right)  = prailo( = rule) Tronul - hodi = Правило тронул - ходи

    "File" - don't know what is it =)

    "Rank" - 3,2 and first grade, after that CM, NM and so on - 1 (Pervii), 2(Vtoroj) e 3(tretij) razrjad, Kandidat v mastera, master... = 1,2,3 разряд, кандидат в мастера ..

    "I resign" - Ja zdajus (ju like in 'you' word) = Я сдаюсь

    "stalemate" - Pat (a like in mark) - Pat

    zugzwang sounds similar

    time trouble = ceitnot = Цейтнот

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    I'm waiting for the moment when all of us we'll agree that mankind needs a rationally constructed language, not belonging to any particular tribe or culture, to be used on the web, international gatherings and so on. Glosa is my proposal. Esperanto, Vollapuk, don't seem, to me, so fit as Glosa. Everyone may go on speaking national languages. Glosa just intends to be an IAL (International Auxiliary Language).


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