URLs in Live Chess


I see that Live Chess chat breaks up URLs with spaces in the middle.

Maybe that is to discourage easy spamming about other sites.

But how about making an exception for URLs, so moderators and others can easily refer people to relevant pages, such as the thread concerning adjourned games?

this is already done mate :-)

Just now, I pasted

and got:

NM DavidForthoffer: Testing: m/view/community/chesscom -needs-your-input---live- chess-games-adjourned[x]

I.e., with a space after 'foru' and '-live-'.

So maybe it is intended to be a feature, but broke...


we have to break them up so that they don't wreck the chat window. but URLs should still be clickable and work even with the space in them.


Oh, OK. I see the actual situation.

URLs are automatically broken up, with the intent of not wrecking the chat window, even though a tiny URL might not actually wreck it.

Most URLs are not active, but URLs work by clicking.

That sounds good to me.