Daily chess games not showing up


Hi guys,

I am having the same problem in the past 12 hours - whenever I try to open the daily chess games the list appear as usual, but when I try to click on an individual game it fails to open. I am presented with an "empty page" - no board, no pieces, no chat window - basically nothing. The weird thing is that the only thing on the window is the resize button of the (invisible, non-present?) chess board.

I have tried to clear my cache, tried 2 different browsers, the result is the same. I have also tried different chess themes for pieces and board as well to no avail. What do you guys suggest?

Just to complete the story - live games work, just like the puzzles or analysis board. So I assume this might be some problem with getting data from the daily game database? (maybe)

Kind Regards,

You should report it as a bug - or better write directly to support@chess.com ... (Always the best way to get a response ...)

Apparently I have had a stuck system! update on my computer - once the update finished everything works as normal... Interesting to be honest, but I am glad that the problem is resolved