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Debate: What to call "Online Chess"...

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    Some suggestions from a previous discussion ...




    Artistic Chess



    Asynchronous chess 

    Synchronous Chess

    Committee chess

    B “Both-players-DO-NOT-HAVE-TO-BE-online-at-the-same-time” chess 

    “Both-players-MUST-BE-online-at-the-same-time” chess

    Consultation chess

    Bite-Sized Chess



    CC chess

    OTB chess

    Group chess

    Chess By Stages



    Chess for slow people


    Team chess

    Chess Sandwich



    Chess With Breaks



    Chess. C{orrepondence} O{nline}  M{ultisession}



    Correspondence Chess

    Over The Board Chess

    Mob chess

    CWESS - Chess Without Exact Sensible Synonym



    D “Days-per-move” chess

    “Minutes/Seconds-per-move” chess


    Daily chess



    Dead chess



    Drag-On Chess - Too Good To Hurry!



    eCorrespondence Chess (eCC, eCorr Chess, eChess)?



    Email chess



    Episode Chess



    G “Game-may-be-completed-in-Multiple-sessions” chess

    “Game-must-be-completed-in-a-Single-session” chess


    Graphical Online Correspondence



    iChess (with apologies to Apple)



    iCorr Chess?



    Instalment Chess



    Internet Chess



    Interruptible online chess



    Long-term chess



    Masterpiece Chess?



    Message Chess



    Modern chess

    Classical chess








    Multi-session chess

    One-session chess





    oc (online correspondence)



    OnLiCorr Chess



    Open-book chess

    Examination chess


    Optimal chess



    Painstaking Chess?



    Pausable chess

    Impausable chess


    Phased Chess



    Ping chess



    Play by day



    Postal chess



    Power Chess (or does that suggest power-assisted?)



    R “Reference-materials-allowed” chess

    “Reference-materials-NOT-allowed” chess


    Research chess.



    See-You-Later Chess



    Server-based Correspondence Chess (SCC, sChess)?



    Slow chess






    T (Extremely) Thoughtful Chess



    Turn chess



    Turn-based online chess



    Turtle chess



    Zombie chess



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    It's Online Correspondence Chess. This also explains why opening books and databases (without computer evaluations) are allowed.

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    Erik wants a name that everyone will understand what it means. 'Online Chess' doesn't tell the members what it actually is. Live chess is also played online, so many will be confused by the term. 

    It  really depends if what's  wanted is  something catchy or something more accurate to say what it actually is. 'Daily chess' has a nice warm ring to it, but does it really describe what it is? Nope.

    Any name chosen is going to fail in explaining what it is, whether it be a  new name that is more catchy or a name that is not catchy but more accurate like 'Correspondence Chess', unless a little education comes with it. A simple small line underneath the heading on pages, or an article or video presented to all  new members and also sent to all existing members  explaining what 'Correspondence Chess' or 'Daily Chess' is or whatever name is chosen is, the various options on how to play the games and also how Live Chess works, as well as listing the other features of chess.com. Giving everyone a proper tour of the site.  I've met people who didn't know what Live chess was so never went into it and as mentioned  before I've met people who only played Live and didn't  know Correspondence Chess existed here and how it worked. It's like when you join a large gym, the staff give you a tour so you're ofay with everything and will know your way around the place well the next time you visit.  But I think more will watch a video than read a long wordy article.

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    Comeon guys. If you people can learn the words "prophylaxis" "zugzwang" "Zwischenzug" then 
    "Correspondence" Is an easy word to use and understand..

    Besides we can always name it Online Correspondence Chess. Which imo is perfect. 

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    a welcome tour (intro) for new members would be very helpful for group admins too.

    thanks for the idea, babs.

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    Main Chess ?  ( is my suggestion:) (main-chess, live-chess, chess960, etc:)

    (reasoning being corrospondence-chess is the main type of chess played on the site for groups & teams along with individual challenges. All the others are chess-variants...)

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    Id say correspondence chess

  • #128

    "Post Chess" as in "postal.  Short.  Maybe at first confusing, but I think we get it.  No?

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    Maybe "Postal Chess" has a better ring to it.

  • #130

    Then "going postal" will have a new meaning, a preferable one.

  • #131

    how bout - delayed chess.

  • #132
    bcoburn2 wrote:

    how bout - delayed chess.

    It's negative sounding, like 'Slow chess' is. 

  • #133

    like that ! '' engine-free,regularly-monitored,squeeky-clean,new&improved,fair,correspondence/cheat-free/postal/chess.. '' :)

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    Lol Its kinda obvious no engines re allowed

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    netzach wrote:

    like that ! '' engine-free,regularly-monitored,squeeky-clean,new&improved,fair,correspondence/cheat-free/postal/chess.. '' :)

    You are on to something. Let me know.  lol

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    Online Chess and Correspondence Chess both are general terms. 

  • #138
    sirness wrote:

    "Anytime Chess"

    i actually like that... (not making a decision, just noting a good name i hadn't thought of)

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    theriverman wrote:
    netzach wrote:

    like that ! '' engine-free,regularly-monitored,squeeky-clean,new&improved,fair,correspondence/cheat-free/postal/chess.. '' :)

    You are on to something. Let me know.  lol

    Simplifies to: Efrmscnifccfpc Chess

    Still hard to pronounce though... :)

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    Controlled Response Chess?  Tongue out


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