Deepest Sympathies to Kohai

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    We'll be thinking of you Kohai. Best wishes, Babs.

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    Best wishes Julie.
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    I'd like to thank everyone for their much valued and much appreciated support in what has been and what is a very painful and tough time for me.

    Its in times like this, it just shows what an absoultely amazing community spirit we have here. Where members come together as one.

    Reminds me alot of family .. Not sure how true this is for anyone reading this, but my mum used to tell me;

    " We argue and insult our own, but we group together if anyone else attacks us"

    We argue amongst ourselves and yes we say some hurtful things amongst our family, but we always group together when one of us is hurting.

    Looking through the forums here, and at some threads and posts, yes we as members argue, but it also shows just how we group together when one of us hurts.

    That in itself is an amazing quality, and one truly appreciated.

    I've received so many messages, notes and posts in here supporting me in this hard time, and i'm sorry i haven't got back to each one of you individually yet. But i will - its just taking me a little time to be able to write a response without getting tearful or having to edit several times.

    You all make one heck of a supportive community and i can't thank you enough for the help and support you've shown and offered me.

    (edited yet again to add: i'm trying, sorry if this doesn't make much sense)

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    It is the community that makes the site great. Not the features, not the chess but the people within the site. :D So when one is hurting Julie the community will be there to support them through thick and thin. Even though it may not be in person. The support is always there. :D

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    My sincere condolences Kohai. I wish you strength and courage at this time. Thank you for being a star and always there to help.

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    I am saddened to hear about this. Condolences to you.

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    Its been 3 years tomorrow and I've only recently been able to read through all the condolences, sympathies and well wishes without turning into a blubbering mess.

    It is still hard and much of the time I'm still in denial but I'm getting there :)

    If I hadn't said it before, thank you all so very much - your posts mean so much to me.

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    I can't believe it's been 3 years already Kohai... I can remember the day you told me your mum has passed away like it was yesterday... Hope it will get easier for you as time goes on... The missing won't stop but the pain does ease gradually ... I know from when I lost my father.

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    My deepest sympathy in the passing of your beloved mother. She is now at peace with our Lord.

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    I came to know of the sad news today. My heartfelt condolences to you and family.Pray that the Holy Trinity will guide and bless you during this difficult period.

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    My sincerest condolences go to you, boss. Stay strong, I know you will :)

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    jesterville that is truly beautiful, thank you for sharing.

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    Yesterday was still hard but easier than it was last couple of years. I sat and talked with her a while. It is incredibly tough and my heart goes out to all those who have experienced this in their lives.

    Cherish those you love, you don't know how long you have them :)

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    very true Kohai...  

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    Indeed quite true. This is a poem from a Dutch author. I translated it myself Embarassed Hope it still stands.

    Will you be careful?

    I know you are but doing an errand
    just around the corner
    and you're not dressed for a long journey at all.

    Your kiss is light,
    you look at ease
    and peaceful your hand and feet.

    But behind this corner
    a continent,
    behind this moment
    a sea of time.

    Will you be careful?
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    Real sorry to know about your loss Julie. 

    After few days of my father's passing away, I noticed within the family a tendency to avoid conversation that would bring up dad. It was an attempt to avoid pain it would cause by bringing up his memories. I deliberately started talking of dad and events in his life. I feel it is important that our kids do not feel awkward to talk of their grandparents just because they are no more with us in physical form and remembering them will cause us grief. They should understand that even in that grief, there is love and memories are what makes them real.

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