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Does anyone know where chess.com is based?

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    A couple hours ago, it said chess.com was temperarily unavailible.  Last night I know there was a tornado in eastern U.S.  A couple other sites I know of haven't been working properly (the local library site and a site based in North Carolina).

    Although, chess.com came back on pretty quickly.  So maybe they aren't based near that tornado.  Were they affected by some other storm? 

    Does anyone know where chess.com is based?  

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    China, apparently.

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    The Internet, I think.

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    I am pretty sure I read that this site is based in Grenada or Guadeloupe to be free from U.S. interference.

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    California, but staffers work all over the world and who knows where all their servers are located.

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    By "based" you mean:

    1.  where the "corporate" or business office/headquarters are?  Or

    2. where the principal place of business lies?  Or

    3. where the servers are physically located?

    Often for businesses, esp. computer-based business, these are 3 separate places.  I am pretty sure I read on Wikipedia that the HQ is in Guadeloupe or Monserrat.

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    Actually now that I think of it, isn't chess.com run from a spare bedroom in Danny Rensch's house?

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    In a galaxy far, far away...

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    i agree with baddogno

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    chess.com is omnipresent, even if i go to the loo with my laptop, chess.com can still get inside it.

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    Carlsen signed onto the servers...causing them to crash..that's probably it. 

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    ok, all jokes aside, this is actually where chess.com is located-

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    Chuck Norris logged off. Everything else in Chess.com fell like dominoes.

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    mainly California but they probably have other servers

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    They are located in this small recessed unlit room from whence you get to exhault in your splendid victories and cry in shame over your stupid mistakes and loses...Then suddenly you awake from a drug induced comatose state to find that you are chained in the middle of a padded white room to impead movement, with a straight jacket on to keep your hands and arms from doing things they shouldn't and a neck brace to keep you head straight...or is it only in your mind?

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    jesterville wrote:

    ok, all jokes aside, this is actually where chess.com is located-



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    Based on the IP address, it is in the Virginia, Washington D.C. area.

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    The Pentagon??

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    They are based only in our minds, we are dreaming all this, chess sites like these are all an illusion.

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    s_palin1984 wrote:

    The IP address could be masked though to throw off the snoops.  Or maybe this site is run by the CIA, like Facebook is.

    I am not sure if you are simply making a joke, but there is no such thing as masking one's IP address. You could technically browse through a proxy, but chess.com's IP address is chess.com's IP address. I haven't checked to see if the site you play on is the same as the main sight, however.

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