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Hello I'm new here

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    hello am amoelajedrez55555 is my first day here help me not to start Frown

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    en verdad soy mexicano pero se ingles

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    Pues ya estamos jugando

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    tienes mas amigos diles que comenten Laughing

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    Veo que te gusta Star Wars, Te recomiedo que entres al grupo Galactic Empire o a Death Star, mandan muchos retos y juegas contra gente de tu nivel, sl2

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    Yo tambien soy Mexicano._.

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    Bueno pues los voy a invitar a mi grupo Cabrones de Nuevo León

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    Why not??

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    No. But I can use google translate. FYI, I speak English, French and German.

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    Donde esta los cervezas?

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                         For somebody who's new here, you get around. In 3 days we have 13 friends, 6 treads, 8 groups, a couple of blogs, and 25 games.

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    What were they talking about? Google translate didn't make sense.

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    Brumtown, Kaynight, you can count on me!!

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    Google translate it's a joke.

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                  @Pulpofeira;  I meant to say thank you. You had some kind things to say about me, in the pervert thread. But when I got back from some errands, it got locked.

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    mexicano canta ranchera el chess no se te da ggg pendejo

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    Oh, I feel myself useful for the first time on my life!

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    Que es una broma


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