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    what about malay...i can surely help...;)

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    Hi ,

    Could help to translate in German, French an LUXEMBOURGISH :-)

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    Hi. I can help translate to Russian (native speaker).

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    there should be an INDIAN language

    HINDI also please do it many of the brilliant chess masters in INDIA don't know english so you should also take the HINDI...

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    I can help with danish, but danish isnt on the list...

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    Here's an idea: anyone who feels slighted that their language was not included in Erik's original list, do the translations and submit (identifying the language!). Erik and the chess.com staff can keep them handy for when time allows to make them available.

    I doubt that the original list was meant to comprehensive. Let's give the staff some credit for analysing where they see the majority of traffic, new users etc.

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    I'm voting for translating site! Laughing

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    tried to help with an italian translation! greets to everybody here! ciao!

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    eh up... does tha speak Yorksha?

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    I can do Oompaloomi. There are so few of us left, being quite oppressed.

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    Crazychessplaya wrote:

    It is not all that easy, regarding translating into Polish. "Ready to play chess?" is gender sensitive, i.e. "Gotowy do gry w szachy?" is masculine (referring to a male reader), while "Gotowa do gry w szachy" is feminine. A neutral phrase would be an equivalent of "Do you want to play chess" - "Chcesz zagrać w szachy?", but it is necessary to know the context of this message. Someone close to the app should look at these messages and choose the best form.

    If it was in Russian (which is the closest language to Polish from the ones I speak), I would do it in the plural form. I guess, that would be using "Gotowi..."

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    By the way, no TURKISH or AZERBAIJANI. I'd participate..

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    I suggest that you add Arabic, Hindi, and Tagalog to the list.

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    Do you need someone for Serbian?

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    I would consider myself a native speaker but not a "native" writer or reader.

    Hope that makes sense :)

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    In deutsch, koennte ich einen Unterhaltung fuehren (ich habe deutsch seit zwei Jahren studieren) aber ich bin leider nicht fliessend. Deshalb, ich kann nicht zu viel machen in dieser Projekt.

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    I suggest Hindi and Tamil and I can help out with both. 

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    echecs06 wrote:

    Je peux vous aider pour le Français.

     Wircklich? Ich spreche nur ein bißchen Frazösich, aber alle Fremdsprachen gefallen mir auf jeden falls. Englisch ist meine Muttersprache, während ich neben in deutsch fließend sein bin. Eine Fremdsprachende Person wird  wahrscheinlich sehr erfolgreich.




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