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I can speak Fluent spanish if you need a hand with some translations! Let me know!


I realise this is a very old forum thread, but I just happened to find it. I speak German and French - I'm not sure if you've already got those, but if you don't, I'd be happy to translate anything you like into those two. OG :)


i speak 2 languages i think i should get in this one


I speak english and know how to use google translator. Is that helpful?

erik wrote:

Please do not submit answers if you are not a native speaker. Using Google Translate to input answers doesn't help - it just makes it harder for us :) 


I can handle Texan...


Man, are Stuff still interested in input here? yo!


YES YES Thanks Erik :)


Hindi, Tamil, Bengali etc. should be listed becasue from what I see, this site is swarming with Indian players. I think they deserve to speak their own language too.

I am French native, I would be happy to participate. Let me know if you still need some help.

Ok, I translated to brazilian portuguese. But some terms like Sign In could have different meanings in portuguese and I didn't know the correct one, so I didn't translate it. I also conserved the names like iGoogle Chess, etc.


I'm not a native speaker, but can help with a little French and Spanish.

Crazychessplaya wrote:

It is not all that easy, regarding translating into Polish. "Ready to play chess?" is gender sensitive, i.e. "Gotowy do gry w szachy?" is masculine (referring to a male reader), while "Gotowa do gry w szachy" is feminine. A neutral phrase would be an equivalent of "Do you want to play chess" - "Chcesz zagrać w szachy?", but it is necessary to know the context of this message. Someone close to the app should look at these messages and choose the best form.

 I hope it's been solved by now, but why not use the / so you can state both genders.  Gotowy/a do gry w szachy for example.


I can't find a secure conection with the "German"


I could certainly help with portuguese. Am I going to be the only jerk to ask if there are any rewards?


Ohhh. I can see now that another brazilian guy already did it, so nevermind..


I could have helped translate it into Hindi and Urdu, since its not a part of this topic, I'll wait until it becomes. ;)

Phobetor wrote:
linksspringer wrote:

Some of the "phrases" are quite lengthy.
I submitted a translation to Dutch. A few remarks:
- There is a temptation to follow the English sentence structure closely. While this may result in correct Dutch, it doesn't necessarily result in natural sounding Dutch. This is why professional translators earn their keep. But I did the best I could.
- There are a number of user interface terms like "save" and "gadget". It is a bit of challenge to translate these correctly.
[I just googled for some guidelines, and found:
Now I realise I should have translated "Sign In" as "Aanmelden", not as "Inloggen". ]
- Good point by hicetnunc about context and space available. English is a more compact language than Dutch for instance.

Ah, I also entered a Dutch translation and I also used "Inloggen" instead of "Aanmelden"... I guess it's both correct, but "Aanmelden" is a bit more Dutch (and thus maybe better) than "Inloggen", which is semi-English.

Also I'm not sure what to do with words like "Google Friends" (is that in caps for a reason? is it a Google service? or is it just the contacts you have in Google?) and "Chess Gadget" (again, is there a reason for the caps? is "Chess Gadget" the title of the gadget?). A bit more information would be nice so that we can adjust the translation to the context.

I used inloggen as well :P


Any one need help In language of Albanian, Kosovo, Serbian, so please contact me.

Im Ahi in your service.




I can translate into turkish.