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Is a rematch to be expected?

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    I have played here for a little while now, and it seems my inital theory regarding rematches could be more true than i thought.

    Since white pieces indisputably have a bigger winning chance in chess it seems only fair that a match, when possible is followed by a rematch. Even more so if the first match was an even one, or the loosing side played black pieces.

    Now this, Im also asking, is not the case....?

    In my experience, I would be offered, or have my offer for a remacth accepted, 8 or 9 times out of 10 if I played with white pieces, whilst if I played a game with black pieces only around 50% would end up in a rematch. Less if I would loose a tight game. 

    I dont want to be a cynic, but the reasons seems obvious. 

    Am I right in this observation, and if so;

    Must I simply accept this as a part of the internet chess players reality?

    What can we, the players, do to improve our comunity?

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    I don't think we can really do anything about it. But at least in tournaments you play 2 games against each opponent.

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    I don't feel one should expect a rematch.  To me, it seems like one might be taking games personally if it matters whether they play their next game against the same person or a different person.  Just play someone else.  Why does it really matter?  You'll get white in your next game most likely, whether it's against that person or a different person.

    In a tournament where standings vs. a particular opponent of course do matter, fine.  In casual play, that stuff doesn't matter.  Just play someone else.

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    White: 1463

    Black: 1454

    I think we can safely say this theory is nonsense.

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    I really don't understand this rematch thing. Why would you care if you play your next game against the same opponent or against another? Is it about revenge? That's not very sportsmanlike!

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    Neither is chess.

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    I rarely accept a rematch, but I have never given a thought to what color pieces my opponent had.  It's just that I simply prefer to play with lots of different people, so I only grant a rematch to an opponent if I have a good reason to do so.  For example, if I have enjoyed good chat with the person and he seems to be a particularly nice guy, then I might say yes.  I don't think anyone has a right to expect a second game.

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    I thought this one was gonna be about a rematch between 2 world champs or something.

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    What's the BFD? I offer rematches if I lose to someone about my rating or higher, for some reason I'd feel odd about offering a rematch to someone rated much lower than me but if they request a rematch I'll usually accept. There isn't a shortage of players here so I'm having a hard time grasping why there are some many threads about rematches.

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    No-one seems to have noticed the question you posed -"What can we, the players, do to improve our comunity?".  I think the answer is that we don't need to do anything.  Our community is wonderful, just the way it is.

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    Maybe turning into a busybody nagging policeman would improve things.

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    OTB/Irl chess games - Rematch is expected

    Online - No need for rematch, I mean c'mon its just an online game. Also there are people who want to analyse their game before playing another one. However, if its a bullet game where its harder to find opponents, then a rematch would make sense than to look for new opponent.

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