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    Hey Everyone,

    The official posts have been made regarding the rewards, the rules and the "how to" of being a Chess.com Live Chess Presenter.


    I will keep the group "open to all" today until we get between 40-50 members. If you join, read, and watch the "how to" and decide it's not for you, please leave the group.

    This is a VERY exciting step for us. We have all ready received confirmation / permission that we can relay both the World Championship and the London Chess Classic among others!


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    You're not reading everything! I've responded multiple times now Wink

    It's ONLY first come first serve per round! We will only have 1 game relayed per round for EVERY round! Secondly, as posted in the rewards post, those with premiums can get premium extensions.

    If you don't want to be in the group, you don't need to be. It's for people who want to relay great games. We are also giving clothes to members (Diamonds) who want to relay games.


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