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LOCKED !! Express if you like or do not like the new version of the site

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    THIS won't be popular, a lot of effort and thought went into that Thread.

    Relegating it to "Off Topic" should have been enough...

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    But certainly easier than actually addressing the issues raised.

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    And locked by some unknown Staff member, a member of the QA team...explains everything perhaps; easier than addressing Spacebux's detailed assertions, Frown

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    And after all the bull from the Staff and Moderators, the QA man announces the formal introduction of V4...

    You couldn't make this stuff up Yell

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    As instructed in the now locked thread, you're welcome to continue the discussion in https://www.chess.com/club/chess-com-v2

    Regarding @Spacebux's assertions about the Android app, I asked about it in the Android club, and it wasn't the behaviour they were seeing: https://www.chess.com/clubs/forum/view/analysis-options-seems-to-be-on-by-default

    I am now locking this thread.


    David, moderator


This forum topic has been locked

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