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March Master's Bulletin Promotion

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    In honor of March Madness (ok, it's really just because I like to think of excuses to give away stuff - and I want you to read my blog Tongue Out) - we are doing a promotion (only good in March):


    Subscribe to the Master's Bulletin for 1 year and use code "marchmadness789" at checkout and get 15-months subscription for the price of 12-months!

    The "who referred you box" looks like this http://grab.by/vjF4 at checkout.

    After completing, post a note in our group here saying that you used the March Madness Code http://www.chess.com/groups/home/the-masters-bulletin in order to receive proper credit!

    Happy Bracketology! And Happy Master's Bulletin! March Madness for everyone!

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    Promos are a good way to incentivize potential consumers, but first people need to know and love the content, before thinking "oh! 15 for the price of 12 is good!"

    Is there any consideration of some promos on single issues as an introduction?

    My $0.02...

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    BUT only within the group!

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    Sure... if you were replying to me Smile

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    I didn't reply to you somewhere? Where?

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    Danny,will new players to the game get something out of the masters bulletin? I mean there's quite a lot of content with the diamond membership!

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    @Danny, did you advertise single issue promos in the Master's Bulletin group?


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