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    I wonder how many people on chess.com are from where they say they are,if anyone knows how to find out could they please tell me.

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    I sometimes wonder how many of them are even from Earth. Certainly, some of the opponents that I've played seem to be from outer space.

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    I think you are discouraged from using your real name (unless you are a titled player) so an angry opponent doesn't come looking for you. Likewise, I would assume there is no way for you to find out where people are really at. Another chess site I know of, there is a player who lists Antartica as his home. While it's possible that he is a bored researcher, I doubt it. Of course you CAN use your real name. Perhaps discouraged is too strong a word. Perhaps they just give you that option because of the internet being what it is. 

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    You mean you don't think there are 135 people on St Pierre & Miquelon who are members of chess.com?!

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    Far out!

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    One guy was from Elenin, but he got banned.

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    I want to play a Klingon, Vulcan and Gallifreyan.

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    Yeah. Let's use your IP. Then I will grab TOR or a proxy and be from Memphis on Monday, Manila on Tuesday, Oslo on Wednesday, Shanghai on Thursday, Timbuktu on Friday, Capetown on Saturday and Bogota on Sunday.

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    Using the IP adress is actually a good idea.

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    MalSwanOfZaga10 wrote:

    Using the IP adress is actually a good idea.

    I am allowed to be from seven different countries in a week?


    All rightttttttttttttttttttttttt!

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    I highly doubt ivandh is from Galicia although I wonder if the oil rig prince Andrew of England got to be a country is on here?

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    I think im from guatemala. "Panenawwee..paninawee gatha"Wink

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    linuxblue1 wrote:

    I want to play a Klingon, Vulcan and Gallifreyan.

    Tried all of them.

    Klingons - Bad idea, if you play 1.e4 they feel insulted and the only way to decide the game is with Bat'leths.

    Vulcans - They only accept challenges in 3d chess for which the rules are unknown to us so you'll lose.

    Gallyfreyans - You may try, but they always travel back in time to change the opening theory and maybe even the moves you've played so that is a really hard game. There's only one being known for beating a time lord in a strategical situation, K9, but the outcome of the game is still unknown.

    Happy new year!


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