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New: 4 Player Chess on Chess.com!? (Prototype)

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    Hello Chess.com! We have been working on a little side project and wanted to share it. It's not perfect yet, and it's missing some features, but we thought you might enjoy it. There are no ratings or chat. We are still experimenting and hope you will share your feedback with us!


    • Standard chess pieces and moves (but no en passant)
    • Pawns promote to Queens on your 8th rank
    • Free-for-All: The player with the most points wins
    • Points are earned by checkmate or capturing pieces
    • Checkmate eliminates a player and earns +15 points
    • Pawns are +1 point, Knights are +3, Biships and Rooks are +5, Queens are +9, Kings are +15
    • Any promoted queens are only worth 1 point
    • Dead pieces (grey pieces) from eliminated players do not provide points, except the King, which is +15
    • Double-checks are worth +5, and triple-checks are worth +15
    • Resignation or Timeout
      • All pieces are frozen (turned grey) except for the King, which is worth +15
      • The last player standing will receive +15


    Play 4 Player Chess: https://www.chess.com/4-player-chess


    Join the 4 Player Chess Club: https://www.chess.com/club/4-player-chess



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    Looks difficult, but fun! Thanks erik for bringing this to the community!

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    This is really amazing! grin.png

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    Are you trying to checkmate all the kings, or just one to win?

    Also, can you capture the king?

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    Ah, thank you!

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    Very interesting, I played a game and came 2nd happy.png

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    Holy shoot, wow! happy.png

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    Ohh... Yeah! Thanks

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    Better luck next time happy.png


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    You're tied with third!

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    Please pardon any crude implementation details, this is very much a prototype.

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    It was so much of fun






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    Wooohooo, won my first game tongue.png


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    I've been checkmated at the end but won game, wtf!? Surprised Laughing

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    Very interesting.  One odd result so far happened when it was down to only two players and I had total control with a Q and R and N vs his K and a couple of pawns, but he had more points so he resigned and won!


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    Looks like fun.  ;)

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    Very nice and interesting. I hope this 4 player chess will stay here at chess.com v2. Have fun and enjoy.

    Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA

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    bit over kill lol...... null


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