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#occupy chess.com

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    After occupy Wall Street, solidarity occupations in other major cities have sprung up.  Now, finally, those of us less inclined to visit the outside world, particularly when it's overrun by students, have a venue all to ourselves.

    chess.com; consider yourself occupied.

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    Do we get to pillage anything?

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    No, participation in the movement is restricted to discussions as to how we can raise awareness of the fact we are totes occupying chess.com.

    However, since we are a leaderless movement, we will look the other way on, well, everything anyone may choose to do.

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    This thread is now about me.

    To complain about this is to hate.

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    #UPDATE; we're now such a huge movement, the CIA is sending its talking dogs to monitor us.  I'm proud of everything we've achieved over the course of this arduous struggle.

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    #UPDATE: we now have a famous vintage musician willing to join the occupation and spread the word of the occupation.  We've already got the King of Belgium; how long before the rest of the world takes notice?

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    Belgium is somewhere in Mexico, right?

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    Erm, I think...

    It doesn't matter, it's not where you're from, it's where you're at: occupying chess.com.

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    I often occupy chess dot com! 

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    I'm setting up camp. 

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    I'll bring the pancakes. (Sorry, guys, still no waffles.)
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    Shocking, shocking...

    Okay, first demand of the movement; free waffle irons for everyone!

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    Indeed, the "pancake revolution" has already sold out to IHOP.

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    It's "our" movement, akintews, and as such, even those who like useless breakfast foods like toast and cheerios can participate.

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    Of course it's also open to those of us who wake up past noon and walk a few blocks to the nearest Mexican bakery to buy breakfast because they're too lazy to cook eggs...

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    Will we need a flag, colors, or song or something...secret handshake?


  • #17

    You can wear badges, though the preferred accessory is the hat.

  • #18

    We don't need no stinking badges! 

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    IMDeviate wrote:
    ivandh wrote:

    Do we get to pillage anything?

    NO, you only get to pillage if cops shoot a criminal (who shot at them first) least that's how it goes in Oakland, CA. 

    Uh, not only are you terribly, terribly wrong, but you're in violation of the major precept of our movement; the only political discussion allowed is discussion as to how awesome our occupation is, and later, talk about how to distribute the free waffle irons Erik has promised (I assume, anyway, seeing as he hasn't officially denied it)

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    Lawdoginator wrote:

    We don't need no stinking badgers! 

    Oh, I disagree.

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