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I was intrigued and puzzled by a player who's rating exceeded 2500 - he was the 11th highest rated player on this site, until he timed out and I won.I later found his account was closed due to cheating. How was he caught? I never think about cheating, it's now that playing chess is about. Losing teaches me how to be a better player. If I cheat, I dont' learn how to improve my game.


oops *not


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This is one of the reasons that I only play OTB...face to face, man-to-man. No possibility of having another laptop computer running with a top level chess program to consult.

Besides, in my opinion, half of the fun of playing chess is seeing the body language of the opponent...blood, sweat and tears.

For example, don't you just love to see the facial expression and body language of an opponent when you take their queen and they weren't expecting that?

I am by no means a sadist. And, I don't like it at all when the onus is on me. Saying that...always remember...chess is, first and foremost...a "people" game.

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