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    Hi everybody,

    I've decided to create this forum, in order to share my desire of having the opportunity to enter my moves writing them up and entering them via the keyboard. I'm convinced this feature is desired by many of us, so if you share our idea and hopefully to convince our kind site manager to fix something for us, i invite you all to express yourself here.

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    I enjoy very much playing blindfold games, it would be perfect if i could also make my moves without using the mouse nor touching the screen; just writing them in pure algebraic.

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    So come along and help us to convince our website designers to open up a new window in the annotation table, where entering moves via keyboard would be possible...Wainting for your comments folk

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    I really want that.

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    Thanks for the support Wan...

    Come on pals, express yourselves

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    And for bullet? The winner is the fastest typer...in regular bullet, two average people can move at the approximately same time. In this type of bullet, one could type at 70 wpm, and the other at 30...

    And what if one person uses a different notation? 

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    Right, i think we should configurate the typings accordind to the main languages accepted by FIDE for international tournaments for example.

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    Nevertheless i don't think "entering moves via" keyboard would be used in blitz or bullet games...nonsense.

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    Cool concept. I know the program that comes on my mac you can hold the space bar and speak into the microphone and it will move and talk back to you telling you what the computers move was. Very helpful for blindfold chess.
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    Interesting, and may be efficient in Blitz games!

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    I do think it is possible but difficult. What about when we want to move our b8-Knight to d7 and write Nd7 without realising there is a knight on f6? The computer should confirm like which knight to move. It will waste more time. But the concept is cool. It should not even be in the Live Chess, i think.

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    Looks like a lot of work to be done by our webdesigners!

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    The websdesigner will configurate the system allowing all of the official algebraics approved by FIDE.

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    Then each player will read the moves, according to his settings and preference of language.

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    i use chessmaster program for blindfold play vs different type of computer personalities, some are defensive, attacking, weak opening etc. It has voice and you can type on keyboard (in few different ways e2-e4 or just e4 or other combination) while you are in bed with closed eyes. It can repeat last move or you can go back etc, verynice , i recommend it.

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    I have asked for keyboard commands since 2012 because a disability makes mouse movements difficult for me. I'm still wating, so don't hold your breath.    >:[

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    Thanks pals. And thank you Max for remembering us of your past forum. Let's hope our campaign will get some positive results. 

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