"Member account closed"


What might cause a member's account to become closed?  There is a particular member who was participating on my team in several Vote Chess games, who has basically disappeared -- not only does his public profile now state "Member account closed", but all his comments have been deleted from the archives!

Did the cheating police catch up with this person?  Or are there more innocent explanations?  Just wondering, because I've never seen this before, and the condition is a step beyond mere inactivity -- it's like his contributions were deliberately erased.


He probably cheated, otherwise his account wouldn't have been closed and his contributions erased like that.


When an account is closed for cheating there is a disclaimer placed on the account that says the account was cheating.  So this may be someone who, for whatever reason, has elected to close their their account.


If he cheated it would say so on his home page. If it says his account was closed, then he probably closed his own account. That would explain the comments being deleted.


That's true, I forgot about that part Laughing

    So they may have had their account closed by choice, but I'm not sure why someone would do that.


... and now, his account is perfectly normal, and his comments have been *restored* to the Vote Chess archive.  Sounds like some database wonkiness or something.


Maybe he wrote "homosapien" three separate times in the Live Chess chatroom. I'm not joking or playing word tricks! Doing so repeatedly will get you banned and delete your content. The filters are absurd. I got banned for using the word pornography several times when explaining the Australian internet censorship. Luckily, Erik made things right quickly.


spiffe, something similar happened to a friend of mine, she sent a lot of messages one day and her account was closed for four hours, all content disappeared for that time as the system suspects a spam operation.   Generally if the member "asks" for the account to be closed also all content is erased.  If they are banned for cheating as others have said a notice to that effect is put on their profile page.


The live chess filter is completely stupid, when i am trying to speak french to a french person I get blocked and reported for swearing.


Just because a word in a language is a 'swear' word doesn't mean I am swearing




While we cannot reveal why a member's account was closed, there is always a good reason for it.  :)


Is it possible that a member's account got closed temporarily?


Some jerky kid I was facing several months back got his account closed. Not for cheating. Maybe he did it himself, but I'm guessing it wasn't... Meanist jerk I've ever seen on this site.


Couple days ago, I discovered I had won on time in a turn-based game, only to discover my opponent had been banned. I would like to know why. I know it wasn't for cheating.


i think people are forgetting that there are reasons other than the player cheated or choose to close their account for example it could be an alternate account which is not allowed or an account that uses an offensive profile picture or maybe chat filters (like they could of spammed sex or something)


You can also get your account closed for being a troll on the forums, like this user.

- chess.com staff


I was just searching for this and stumbled upon this thread. Interesting, but the moderators should reveal what are the possible reasons behind an account getting closed so that the users can take an account of it.


lol... I totally forgot about this thread until u bumped it. Btw, in case a chess.com staff member sees this, and sees me impersonating staff in my post above, I'd just like to make it clear that I wrote that comment before I got warned, so plz do not ban me. Thank you :)

vinothbabu wrote:

I was just searching for this and stumbled upon this thread. Interesting, but the moderators should reveal what are the possible reasons behind an account getting closed so that the users can take an account of it.

read the terms of service


its revealed there

carelasuaez wrote:

there are 2 peoples in my friend list and their account has been closed but there two different things i saw that in one account there is a mark of diclaimer that account has closed but in other account there is no mark but still that account is also closed what is the difference between them ?? 

Good question.