"Ultimate Chess Fighters"...I bet you are!


Hey everyone, this is jkudria4145. I am here to invite you all to a great group, called "Ultimate Chess Fighters". We are small but growing, and a lot of our activities are not in progress becasuse we do not have many members. This group contains many interesting activities such as raffles, lotteries, a unique point system, and much more. We are always thinking of new ideas...our latest one is to post "Master Series" as we call them. These will be series of games of many masters. We are still worrking on it, but they will be out soon. We are also working on bughouse chess, which we hope will be very active, fun, and smooth.


Here is a group description:

"This is a group for all on chess.com. We have plenty of Vote chess, Team matches and a UCF Point system to earn prizes! Enjoy raffles, lotteries, gambles, and much more! We are in the process of compiling game series of master players fro group analyzation. We are the fighters! Join to find out more! (The above activities except the master series will start when we get 80 members; Current: 62)   We are in need of ACTIVE admins, so join to apply admin!"


Hope to see you there!



Its all smushed together becaasue its on an iPad, which doesn't seem to like spaces. I will fix it when I get to a non-broken PC, which will be soon.