Slow play a result of tournments!


...Is it just me or has the turn-based chess play dropped way off due to the new tourney play....hope it's just a result of the newness of it...I would hate to wait the full-allotted time per move.  I like to think 3---5 day per move is just a back-up safeguard for faster play.  Post your nickle if you think regular correspondence play has slowed down significantly.  

ps.  I can spell tournamants...but damn-it I just can't type :-)

yes it's slowed way down...we'll have to wait and see if it is the result of the newness of it. 
i think it's just because of the weekend :)
I haven't noticed any difference in play.
depends on your experience and perspective.  I don't get a lot of games because people see my record :)  I'm great with newbies as I still am one myself though...