So how can I improve in fast time chess?

Right now I suck if I play anything less than 1 day per move. I am slow when it comes to solving puzzles. It seems to me that other people who have started playing chess recently do better than me when it comes to 30 minute games or less. I am trying to get to 1200 elo, but can't break 900. I know I need time, so why does it seem other people improve faster than I?

There are probably multiple ways you can, but what stood out when I looked at your stats was this:

Total Attempts   44





You should be doing dozens of tactics a day to get better.  OK maybe you've been doing them unrated and there is no record of that, but rated is better for you now.  Puzzles are an easy way to get used to time pressure and quickly sizing up the board.  Just my $.02.



I have a book on tactics. I just bought diamond membership here recently for the lessons and puzzles. I have been doing a lot of drills. I just get easily discouraged when I see someone who seems to have just started chess and is doing better than me in faster pace games.


Get better at slow chess. Then those skills will transfer to fast chess.

mockingbird998 By watching these courses.


I think it is better that way that the other way around. But more and more people are gravitating toward faster time controls, so if it's something you want to improve upon, you just need practice