Starting learning Chess - Looking for help...


Hello Chess lovers, i've just started studying chess, i'm totally new,,,, 


I've started with lessons here in, then i've watched lots of videos, download various books,,,,,learning openings, tactics, strats,,,  but its hard for me to remember all and take it to the board,,,, slowly i'm getting better,,,,


I'm looking for some coaching,  advice,,,  perhaps I can found some people who can teach me some chess in here,,,


TY for reading,,, i'll apreciatte any help!

Greetings & gl in your games.


I could help


ty risa_  how we start ? lol  happy.png


can we play some games risa? 



ooh ty cjx for taking the time,, i'll do all the puzzs ! where i can find more ? Nice people here,, happy.png 



Yeah same for me i feel lost sometimes...


There are too many lessons and videos. I tried to focus on tactics but even then i may need some guide or help to help me to improve my chess game


welcome to the post BlackKnight tongue.png ,,, add me as a friend if u like so,,,we can learn together & have some fun ! happy.png

Le_Chevalier_Noir wrote:

There are too many lessons and videos. I tried to focus on tactics but even then i may need some guide or help to help me to improve my chess game

This may help you with tactis.  When doing tactics, always try and find the following:

  1. Create/Find a weak point in your opponents position, or a weak piece.

  2. Place as may pieces as possible against this weakness, and remove the defender(s).

  3. Look for Forcing Moves.




 ty for taking the time piece of bacon,,, i'll also follow your advice! 



@IMBacon Thanks!




Would love to hear more about your goals.


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ty Evan, but I have no money,, lol     sorry,, would love to have a NM teaching some basics,, happy.png


One day... Like my Facebook page and you will learn alot. 







 Try playing some "daily chess" and/or longer time controls so you can take time to study the board. It seems that your fastest time controls is 20 minutes.  Keep in mind that in tournament chess, a single game can go on for as long as 6 hours. That's my thinking: Get away from time controls that pressure you to move where you can relax and watch the board instead of the clock. mho.


ohh captain,, ty for the advice,, I started playing blitz (10min) only because I thought it was the normal time,, I have very much trouble with the time,  not only i was bad,, but also fighting with the clock,, blundering all game,,, then I realice that I can choose other time control,, and turn into Rapid 20min,,, i'm much confortable now,,, but still sucking,,,, 

I'm watching lots of videos, learning openings,, trying some tactics puzzling,,, but when I'm playing,, its hard to put all what I learned on the board,, i guess with more time and games I'll start to get better,,, o perhaps chess its not for me,,,,, but I love it,, so'll keep trying,,, 

ty again bro! happy.png


Ok Here me again,,, looking for more advice..


i've continue watching videos, dowload some famous books & continue playing games online,,,

One of those videos on youtube: "Top 5 chess improvement shortcuts by GM Simon Williams" 

He gives several advice, one of them & the one I want to discuss is this one:


-A: One opening as white
-B: One opening against e4

-C: One opening against d4

....and try to learn the usual patterns in each of them....



2 questions:
- What's your opinion on this advice?

-Which 3 openings do you recommend me to learn hard?  Do you think it's something I have to choose?

I don't want to fall in the mistake to learn an opening that gives too hard positions,,,for example last week I was looking at the Sicilian Dragon variation,, i dont know why it have my attention (of course I saw a video of GM Varuzhan Akobian talking about it) i dont know if gives hard positions, only for an example,,,,,

ty for reading,,