Strongest players here that don't know basic checkmates

WeylTransform wrote:
Axorcist wrote:

K, N + B vs K is hard. I've know it when I was young, but forgot about it and now I simply can't do it any more. I should be able to win this endgame playing against the computer from the worst possible starting position. Which is, I believe, King, Bishop and knight in the corners and the enemy king in the centre.



If dubious, you should probably view the following link:

Thank you so much, WeylTransform.

Watch this video twice.

Then hover over the hand-on-pawn icon, playhand.png, click Computer, click the big plus sign, set to Level 10 (in case it matters), and then click Drills, select the very last Drill, which will be K,B,N vs. K ending.

Get it to be effortless for you, and you'll be smiling once you have it mastered.  Revisit the drill once a month until it is truly drilled into your brain.