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Thank you. Fair banning rules

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    cabadenwurt wrote:

    Well one thing for sure is that if they come back with new names that Chess.com is aware of then the wrongdoers will be easier to monitor the second time around.

    Yeah right. The cheaters are going to announce proudly to Chess.com that they cheated once and are back with another username.

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    Whirlwind, since you adress me. This has no place in the cheating forum. It is about all of us.

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    @OP: It touches on cheating, so it belongs in the Cheating Forum, which may still include everyone. Membership in the Cheating Forum is open to absolutely every Chess.com member. The site administration has directly requested that topics touching on cheating stay out of the main forums and take place only in the Cheating Forum. You would be excluding no one by posting in the Cheating Forum. If you would like everyone to see it, you may invite everyone to that forum.

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    I would never invite anybody to the cheating forum. Why do you believe you can lecture me? Are you in any way authorised to police the site?

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    I cant understand why anyone would want to cheat at chess.

    What's the point?

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    @OP: The Cheating Forum is the appropriate place for members to learn about cheating, cheaters, and Chess.com policy thereon. Why wouldn't you invite anybody to the Cheating Forum?

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    Whirlwind is right. I'm surprised mods haven't locked this topic yet. Cheating is supposed to be discussed in the cheating forum, not in the public forums.

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    I don't want to get into an argument, but consider this:

    This topic is at almost 100 posts. Bronsteinitz stated that Erik allowed this. If he were lying, this would have been locked previously, and Brons himself would probably be banned for lying about it. Maybe he doesn't want to share the entire pm between he and Erik. That's why it's a pm! 

    Whirlwind & corrijean, I see your points. I hope you see another view of this.

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    bronsteinitz wrote:

    I was under the same impression but management assured me these are the rules. They seem very reasonable to me also.

    Management told me they're not supposed to come back, once banned.

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    @AlCzervik: I welcome your views! Smile Thank you. I only disagree with the point that bronsteinitz would be banned for lying about something erik said. While I don't mean to make light of such an act, I have not definitively heard that misrepresenting erik would necessarily result in an automatic ban.

    bronsteinitz may not be lying. He may indeed have had a conversation with erik, and he may have given his summation of the conversation completely accurately here. However, the fact remains that the standing rule given by administration is that the topic of cheating is off-limits in the main forums.

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    I think Bronsteinitz is right to not share a pm. But I have doubts about several of the main points of this forum thread. And about whether it belongs in the public forums.

This forum topic has been locked

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