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Batgirl, can you please, recomend me any book about History of Chess?

It can be in English, Spanish or Portuguese, printed or PDF.


There are any number of books on the history of chess, some are quite specific while others are pretty general.  Normal, learning goes from general to specific, so here are some general books- two of which (in bold) I'd recommend to the most casual learner (or chess history novice).

A History of Chess by Harold J R Murray
     This is the seminal book on chess history, but unless you are into minutiae and tedious detail,  it's probably not a good starting point.

Birth of the Chess Queen by Marilyn Yalom

      Covers the metamorphosis of old chess into new chess. Interesting, but limited

Chess, A History  by Harry Golombek  
      Traces chess from India to Fischer. Has a lot of pictures, but it's written in Golombek's phlegmatic style and likes to insert game analysis into the narrative.  

A History of Chess from Chaturanga to Present Day by Yuri Averbakh
       Somewhat scholarly, but deals mainly in old chess.

A History of Chess by Jerzy Gizycki
      A lot of pictures. It deals in some lesser treated areas in the history of chess. I would rate this one of the better books, but not among the best.

The Immortal Game by David Shenk 
     This book has a unique approach and a few error (not many) but tells the story of chess in a readable, clear and informative fashion.  I would rank it in the top two  and it's even suitable for non-chess players.

Chess: The History of a Game by Richard Eales
       Possibly my favorite general book on chess history, scholarly, yet readable. Anyone who's read both Shenk's and Eales' books should have a decent grasp on the development of chess. 

I'm sure there are more, but I do feel that any of the above are worth reading.




batgirl my dear, did you you ever think about make streaming about chess? 


I couldn't think of anything I less rather do.