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TheGrobe's waffles burned; please tell me how awesome I am (maybe donate to him)

  • #241

    We should talk about how awesome theoreticalboy is, maybe that will help.

  • #242

    Who needs maple syrup anyway when you have no waffle maker? *sniff*

    At least there's theoreticalboy.

  • #243

    The least we can do is to offer you a handkerchief to dry your tears with.

  • #244
    theoreticalboy wrote:

    This thread is so cute, kittens post pictures of it to derail ill-tempered forum threads.

    This thread predicted "This Thread" !

  • #245

    Well in a case like this one could perhaps suggest eating pancakes but most people that eat waffles tend to frown on the rather plain pancake. Pancakes have no style to them, no pattern or design, indeed they are to be avoided.

  • #246

    I ve been doing some research online and have found that Mr T Grobe has been selling fake sundials on e-Bay.


    has his waffle maker really broken or is this just another scam? Undecided

  • #247
    theoreticalboy wrote:

    No no, this thread is entirely about saying how supracalladopeilicious I am, and how chess.com would pretty much be as big a lameazoidfest as the huffington post if I weren't around, and also kind of about helping that Canadian guy I may have mentioned earlier.

    Theo' is a regular Nostradumbass.  This prediction has come true.

  • #248

    Oh shit, remember when Alan Tudor burned down his house to pump the insurance money into fake rolexes and undedectable-chess-engine-boondoggles?

  • #249

    Yeah, hey, how do I send that guy money again?

  • #250
    TheGrobe wrote:

    Yeah, hey, how do I send that guy money again?

    Just flush it down the toilet.  It'll get to him.

  • #251

    back when i was somebody around here.

  • #252

    Hey I forgot all about this thread. Nice to see it back again !

  • #253

    Memory refeshed on how great a poster CMIBU was.

  • #254
    GeordiLaForge wrote:

    p a t h e t i c .

    talk about prophetic

  • #255

    There is a very important waffle question that may or may not have been covered here in this thread. Recently I was looking thru a mail-order catalog and they showed a round style of waffle-iron. Therefore we need to know: are round waffles better than square waffles ??? The catalog listed the round shaped waffle-irons as being in the Belgian style ( so who knew that Belgians liked the round type of waffles ? ). Yes I do realize that these are very important questions to ponder.

  • #256

    So who had waffles this morning, Hmmm ?

  • #257

    Again we have the question of round vs square. Recently I saw an ad for " Round Eggo Waffles ", so I must ask are they even real waffles ? Undecided

  • #258
    I think the op is a strong troll
  • #259

    Yes and I see that he still visits us here once in a while   lol.


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