Time to deal with engine cheaters?


This engine and computer cheating makes it very difficult to have a reasobable daily chess or over 10min. game rating!

Indeed ! .......and it’s very sad when players resort to doing
this . This is the reason I’ve stopped playing games with
long time controls.
I’m not a fan of any kind of rapid chess as it seems unlikely to make me a better chess player. So my time here in the past was only playing long time controls. But that meant I could easily be playing against a machine being used by a human. So for years now I only play machines at home. I can control their strength and know they are as they appear.
I’m not keen on playing blitz games , as they won’t improve
my game , but equally I’m not happy about playing longer
time controls , and risk coming up against an engine user.

 How many people are really using engines sub 2000 on daily chess?

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