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Topic titles and search engine rankings

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    Hi, I notice that each forum post has an identical page title i.e.

    "Forum Post - Chess.com"

    This is a sure-fire way to get mundane search engine rankings for individual forum topics. Changing this to reflect the actual title of the current forum topic will bring in a lot more visitors from the search engines (especially Google).

    Give it a try :D

    // Frank

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    You're absolutely right, I don't know how I ever missed that.. (erik you better read this thread :)
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    "Chess" should probably always be the first word.. and then the title of the post... something like "Chess.com - ForumPostTitleHere".. that's how I'd do it anyway.
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    There has been much debate as to whether the order of words has an effect on ranking for specific keyword searches. Personally I prefer topic title first and then an optonal site name for brandng purposes e.g. the title of this topic would read:

    "Topic titles and search engine rankings - Chess.com"




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    Yeah I see where you're coming from. Either one is far better than having "Forum Post - Chess.com" :) I just suggested having 'chess' first to ensure a future #1 ranking for chess in all search engines (currently #3 in Google), and any search terms with 'chess' in it.
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    ummm. you guys are exactly right! and that is what jay SHOULD have done. what a..... an amazing developer ;) he just doesn't know seo. will be fixed!
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    haha, I just do whatever Erik puts in his comps...because if I don't, he whines about how I didn't copy his html correctly! I'll change it up...thanks!
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    Looks much better Cool
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    Great idea frakilk.  Like most most good ideas, it seems obvious once some bright spark suggests it.  Thanks for being the spark!Smile

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