Tournament Invites - "Friends button"


A nice feature in this site is that we can setup tournies fer everyone which is fun and sociable.

Another part of the site is that we can create friends lists, those we respect and enjoy playing and chatting with.

Over time some of us may end up with large friends lists. I was wondering if it would be possible or interesting to add a button or some means of inviting all ones friends to a tournament with a click or two, (or even a popup box that lists all friends usernames in one box that is easy to then copy and paste across) instead of having to find and copy and paste all of their usernames into the invite box..? This is fine fer a few people, but if one has 20+ friends it is a bit cumbersome. 

Just an idea, no biggie *checks time* ooh its past 2 o'clock, time fer a cold one! Cheers


Good idea


What about sorting friends in some way?  With folders perhaps, if you have enough of them?  I have some friends that I just chat with, others that I will challenge every now and again, and still others that I will challenge right away if I see that they are on-line.  So alphabetical may not be the best way to sort them.
so.... there is a tournament invite tool. also, your friends now see when you start a tournament in their TRACKED ACTIVITY. i guess we could make a checkbox too?