Trysts is gone?! :(

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    Hi, blackLeopard-1. What does, "I have joined PAT" mean?

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    GM_Maggy wrote:

    Okay Trysts you are right, probably I'm not worth it.

    Yes, I don't really throw parties or anything if you're on my friend list. You would just get a holiday greeting every once in a while. I'm not worth it:)

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    PAT is a rebellion against rumoured plans the V3 will effectively delete all pics and images from forums and blogs that were uploaded during the V2 versions.

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    I heard of that rumour. What's does PAT stand for?

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    P ower A gainst T yranny

    P eople Against T yranny

    some say

    P uppy Against T yranny

    Laughing find out more here:

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    Wow, that sure is radicalLaughing

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    Sic semper tyrannis.

    ...and welcome back trysts.

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    Yup! + Bump

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