Unfair checkmate hint?

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    Dear Doggy_Style,

    I just ran accross the "Call Me Al" video you posted.  Thank you. Thank you!  I hadn't seen it in a long time, and it brought back memories, warmed my heart, tickled my fancy, and made me chortle quite loudly.  You truly have Excellent taste in music videos!

    Oh, and to pay lip service to "following the thread," let me state the following:  

    I'm Opposed to Hints of Any Kind at Any Time.  That's why I always tell the youngsters -- "Don't beat around the bush!" -- "Come Out with it!" -- "Speak up, Son!!  Ah say, ah say, Speak up!!" ... also, "I Am Sick and Tired of all this Mealy-Mouthed Business!" and "Why don't you just Go Ahead and Say what you Mean?! -- dammit!"  


    A Grateful Admirer, MIL

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    Dear Sandra,

    I'm glad you liked the video, Paul Simon is always good. Twenty-five years ago (seems like another lifetime now), I was living on an organic smallholding with the farmer's daughter. The farmer when introducing himself to me, had said  "Call me Al", and being a cheeky young punk, whenever I passed him or saw him, I would whistle this tune under my breath. I'm not sure if he caught on or not, but the daughter was always deeply embarrassed by my behaviour, elbowing me in the ribs to stop. I'm unlikely to ever forget this tune. Laughing

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    Wait, this charming tale sounds like a True story .... seriously? a True story about a farmer's daughter?  ... amazing! Wink

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    "An excellent choice.  And would you like some dessert?..."

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